Second RDI webinar "Innovation strategies and innovation management" draws over 40 participants

Mon, 11/09/2017

The second RDI webinar "Innovation strategies and innovation management" took place on the 7th of September 2017. Guest speaker Peter Häfner explained the broad issues related to innovation management in a 90-minute webinar.


The second RDI webinar " Innovation strategies and innovation management " took place on the 7th of September 2017. Our expert guest speaker, Peter Häfner (Senior Innovation Manager of engage AG, Head of the Berlin and Leipzig offices, Germany) led a lively webinar on the topic of innovation management to over 40 participants from all 6 EAP countries, explaining the broad issues related to innovation management, its link to innovation strategies, and examples of decisions to be taken in the 90 minutes long webinar. The participants included technology managers, researchers, staff from universities, research centers and SMEs. 

Participants who took part in the webinar were asked to fill in a short feedback survey following the webinar. The satisfaction rate from respondents was particularly high (90%). A participant recalled about the webinar in the following way: “The webinar was well structured and the topic was clearly explained. The information given at the webinar were useful”. All the respondents confirmed that they would use some elements of innovation management in their work.

The next RDI webinar, planned for December 2017, will focus on exploitation strategy in RDI collaborative projects. Stay tuned!

A link to the recording of the webinar is available on the EAP PLUS Youtube Channel.

The slides presented at the webinar can be downloaded here.