A new Horizon 2020 Project 'BLACK SEA HORIZON' for CeRISS

Sat, 10/01/2015

A new Horizon 2020 Project on 'S&T biregional cooperation EU - Black Sea Countries 2015-2018' with the acronymBLACK SEA HORIZON is now operational for a period of 36 months starting in February 2015. CeRISS is one of the key partners in a consortium of 19 organizations from the EU and the Black Sea region implementing the project , which is coordinated by the Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI/Austria).

The three main objectives of the BLACK SEA HORIZON project are:

  • to support the EU’s external relations with the target region by significantly contributing to ongoing bi-regional and regional STI policy dialogues, and by increasing the knowledge base about the EU’s external environment,
  • to stimulate bi-regional STI cooperation and to strengthen the EU’s economic competitiveness
  • to contribute to the establishment of supportive framework conditions by facilitating the pooling of resources and by identifying challenging thematic areas for mutual STI cooperation.

The Kick-off meeting for the project will take place on 3 March 2015 in Bucharest.