Identification of Research Priorities for the EU-EaP Science, Technology and Innovation cooperation, (Workshop, Athens, 6-7 November 2014)

Wed, 08/10/2014

IncoNet EaP logoFollowing the decision of the 2nd EaP Panel on Research & Innovation meeting, the IncoNet EaP Project has undertaken to organise three Thematic Workshops in order to identify relevant topics and sub-themes for the EU-EaP STI cooperation. Each workshop will address one of the three Societal Challenges that the EU and the EaP countries have identified as common priorities, namely, Climate Change, Energy and Health.

Under this context, CeRISS is organising in Athens on 6-7 November 2014 a Thematic Workshop on Climate change with a particular focus on:

  • Fighting and adapting to climate change
  • Protecting the environment, sustainably managing natural resources, water, biodiversity and ecosystems.

The workshop will identify topics of mutual EU-EaP interest that could be included in future Horizon 2020 calls for proposals. The conclusions of the workshop will be submitted to the upcoming meeting of the EaP Panel on R&I in February 2015. 

Participation at this workshop is by invitation only. For more information, please contact Ms Giannakoudi at