EU-Eastern Partnership Policy Stakeholders Conference on STI Cooperation in addressing Energy, 12-13 October, Minsk

Fri, 27/11/2015

The second Policy Stakeholders Conference on Energy took place in Minsk on 12-13 October 2015. The main aim of the Policy Stakeholders Conference was to bring together policy makers, representatives of the research community and the private sector to address specific problems that countries in the region face and that are of mutual interest and benefit, as well as to take stock and showcase best practices regarding EU-EaP scientific cooperation, discuss concrete innovation cooperation projects, and promote international collaboration, networking and matchmaking.Please see the agenda for your additional information.

The Conference was organized by the three partners of the IncoNet EaP Project which are namely the Regional Centre for Information and Scientific Development, Budapest, Hungary, the Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of Scientific and Technical Sphere and the Centre for Regional and International Studies and the Promotion of STI, Athens, Greece. The event was administratively supported by the State Committee for Science and Technology and Department for Energy Efficiency of the Republic of Belarus.

The Conference brought together 128 experts. They represented 81 organizations from 15 European countries, including 6 EaP ones: Austria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Hungary, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Iceland, Moldova, Poland, France, Turkey, Switzerland, Ukraine, a number of international organizations (organizations of the UN family, the Central European Initiative, the Energy Charter, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), as well as from the European Commission and the European energy-related technological and innovation platforms.

Presentations and photos of the Conference are available at the following web-sites: