H2020 Regional Middle East Info-Day, 15 December, Tehran, Iran

Wed, 23/12/2015

On 15th December 2015, the "H2020 Regional Middle East Info-Day" was held in Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran. The event was organised by the Iranian Association for Management of Technology (IRAMOT) in cooperation with MERID project partners. CeRISS was represented by its Managing Director, Dr. George Bonas.

Along with MERID project's objectives which focus on understanding the status of Science, Research and Technology in Iran, exploring and enhancing the collaboration opportunities between Iranian STI actors and EU countries under the H2020 programme, the Info-Day highlighted the opportunities for Iranian STI stakeholders to participate in European Union's "Horizon 2020" programme.

Some of the ministries and organisations that participated were:

  • Vice Presidency for Science and Technology,
  • Ministry of Science, Research and Technology,
  • Ministry of Petroleum,
  • Ministry of Industries, Mines and Trade,
  • Ministry of Health and Medical Education-Pasteur Institute of Iran,
  • Innovation and Flourishing Foundation,
  • Technology Development Foundation,
  • Center for Innovation and Technology Cooperation,
  • Tehran Urban Planing and Reseach Centre,
  • Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology,
  • Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences,
  • The Research Center of New Technologies in Life Science Engineering of Tehran University,
  • Agriculture Biotechnology Research of Iran,
  • Vice Presidency for Science and Technology- Headquarters of Development of Nanotechnology,
  • Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science.